Small Moments Video

This year I am taking Video Editing. I am one of three sophomores in this 2021 video editing class and I’m really glad that I’m taking it! Our first project was to create a “small moments” video. This is basically a video about a small moment that happens in our everyday life. I decided to make my video about my family playing a board game! I did this because my family loves to play board games and we especially love the game featured in my video: Catan. I think the part of my video that I am most proud of is the cut-away clips. These are clips that show something different than the main subject, but still relate to the video. For example, I showed a clip of my fireplace, establishing a cozy mood. The hardest part about this project was figuring out how to cut the audio clips. For some reason, iMovie doesn’t let you cut an audio clip unless you have a video on top of that audio, so that took me a very long time to figure out! If I had the chance to make this video again, I would definitely spend less time on the audio, because that took me an hour to figure out! Then, I would have more time to focus on the other video clips.

Click here to check out my video!




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