Interview Project

This year (2021) I am a sophomore and I am taking video editing. For this project our assignment was to do an interview. I decided to do mine about my families trip to Glacier, Montana. My family loves to go camping and we also love the mountains. I decided to choose this trip because it is the most recent and also the most favorite! I am very proud of this video, but if I had to choose one thing that I am the most proud of it would probably be the sound. I worked for a while on the sound because I wanted it to be the best that I could make it. Basically what I did was I interviewed with one camera, and then I had a separate camera closer to the interviewee so it could pick up the sound better. Then, I just turned off the volume of the video clip and layered it with the audio clip so the sound was a lot clearer. I also tried my best to incorporate the background noise without having it be too loud. If I would redo this project, the thing I would change is to make sure the video isn’t fuzzy. All of the clips of my sister are fuzzy and not very focused, and I didn’t notice that until I started editing. I also would have interviewed my dad too to make the video longer and also have a different perspective. My dad got up a lot earlier than the rest of us to start packing up our stuff so we could leave in the morning. He also planned a lot of the trip so I think it would have been interesting to hear a little bit about what he thought about it. ¬†We have already made two other video projects before this one, so go check those out as well as this one below!


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