The Halloween Horror


Mr. Kristalyn

English 8

October 30, 2018

The Halloween Horror

    The rain pounded on the windows, leaving wet streaks like fingers. Lily peered out the window at the kid crowded street, shivering in her tutu, rubbing her arms for warmth. “Mom, do I have to go?” she asked her mom for the 5th time. “Yes honey, it’s Halloween, you have to trick or treat.” responded her mother wearily, looking up from her phone. Lily sighed and stepped out onto the wet street, her pink slippers soaking up water. Walking through the street, Lily realized, looking down at her damp leotard, that an umbrella was probably a good idea.

Turning around, to go back to her house, Lily saw a very frightening sight. It was not a spooky ghost, nor a scary clown, but in fact the just recently populated street, was empty. A pulsing silence met the black night. A spare can rolled down an alleyway and out of sight. A faint chime of a grandfather clock rang from a house in the neighborhood. The street lamps flickered, bats swooped over head, a black cat slinked out of the shadows and into the path of the pale moonlight. It’s piercing green eyes met Lily’s, neither blinked, neither moved.

Lily felt like the cat could see into the deepest parts of her soul. The cat slowly walked towards Lily, its eyes never leaving hers. Lily backed up, heart thumping hard in her chest, feeling like it would burst away from the veins holding it in place. A piercing shriek of horrific laughter split the night behind her. Lily whirled around and squinted into the dark night. A branch snapped to the left of her and Lily swiftly turned back around. The cat was gone and so was the light.

The intense darkness pressed on Lily, closing her eyes wouldn’t make a difference. Something moved around her, Lily spun in circles, trying to identify the source. She didn’t know what was going on, where was she? Who is that? Lily felt hot tears spill down her front and into her shirt. A porch light flicked suddenly on. She ran towards it, this was her house, it would be okay! She stumbled up the stairs and opened the front door and slamming it shut behind her. Pressing her back against the door, she sighed with relief.
    Lily looked around her dark house. The lights were off, which was strange because her mom should be home at this time. Lily shrugged and walked over to her favorite couch, plopping down on the cushion. The couch felt a little different, it was harder and less bouncy, the seat felt like something big had recently sat down here. Looking at the pictures on the table beside her, Lily saw a choir singing; probably her sisters, a mountain side view and a picture of a man wearing a very nice suit. He had black hair that stuck up a little on the sides, his mouth was twisted into a sneer, his green eyes narrowed. The green eyes blinked. Lily screamed. A window upstairs shattered, something heavy landed on the floorboards above.

Lily took a closer look around, the house had peeling wallpaper, spider web covered bookshelves and rotting floorboards. This wasn’t her house! Lily scrambled towards the door wrenching it open. It wouldn’t budge. She yanked again, it was stuck. Something was walking slowly down the stairs, the boards creaking. Lily frantically pulled and tugged on the door, the steps were coming nearer. Spinning around, eyes wild,  she looked for a place to hide, somewhere to get away from the thing coming closer.

The eyes on the picture of the man in a black suit pointed dramatically to a door a dozen feet away. Could I make it? Lily thought. The steps neared the last set of steps, claws scraping the wood. A enormous black shadow on the wall leading to the stairs crept into sight. The shadow looked like a mountain, horns as sharp as a knife, fur like a blanket. It’s rugged breath broke the shaky silence of the house. The creature turned around the corner and into sight, and Lily dove behind the couch, shaking with terror.