Small Moments Video

This year I am taking Video Editing. I am one of three sophomores in this 2021 video editing class and I’m really glad that I’m taking it! Our first project was to create a “small moments” video. This is basically a video about a small moment that happens in our everyday life. I decided to make my video about my family playing a board game! I did this because my family loves to play board games and we especially love the game featured in my video: Catan. I think the part of my video that I am most proud of is the cut-away clips. These are clips that show something different than the main subject, but still relate to the video. For example, I showed a clip of my fireplace, establishing a cozy mood. The hardest part about this project was figuring out how to cut the audio clips. For some reason, iMovie doesn’t let you cut an audio clip unless you have a video on top of that audio, so that took me a very long time to figure out! If I had the chance to make this video again, I would definitely spend less time on the audio, because that took me an hour to figure out! Then, I would have more time to focus on the other video clips.

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Coil Pot-Ceramics 1

This is my coil pot that I made in Ceramics 1. I chose to design my coil pot like this because out of all of the ideas from the internet, there were no square coil pots; so I decided to take up the challenge and create one. It was definitely difficult to make; I had trouble bending the coils the right way to go around the corner of the square base. I chose to post about this project because this is something that I am proud of making and it took a lot of time and effort to make; so I decided to share it with you. Overall, ceramics 1 was a very enjoyable class to take. The thing that I most enjoyed about it was not only the fellowship with the people in my class, but also I was able to do something that I love. Something that I learned about art is that there are beautiful oops’. A lot of times my artwork didn’t turn out exactly as I had wanted it and I would also just mess up. This class taught me that that mess-up can be created into something beautiful. Something that I learned about myself is that I like challenging myself and doing something unique that others aren’t doing.

16 Year-old Girl Dies Activating Memory Serum.

Allegiant Book Cover Allegiant
Veronica Roth
Science Fiction
Katherine Tegen Books

16 year-old girl dies activating memory serum.

By: Selah Muench, Bureau Weekly

The Bureau of Genetic Welfare- August 3, 2013



Last week, Beatrice “Tris” Prior, current occupant of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, died by gunfire activating a memory serum. Tris and her friends planned on wiping the workers of the Bureaus memory to protect their former city, Chicago. The Bureau believed that the city of Chicago needed to be “reset” because Chicago was about to go to war. The Bureau considered Chicago to have “damaged genes,” making them their “experiment.” Tris and her friends knew something had to be done.

Tris’s brother, Caleb Prior, planned on activating the memory serum to reset the Bureaus memory. The serum was well protected, set in a weapons lab that could only be entered when a code was typed into the keypad. Tris and her friends knew that if the weapons labs walls were blown up, it would immediately release a death serum. With a gas mask, someone could reach the memory serum and activate it, but they would essentially die.

Knowing this, they figured one death, to save thousands of people from a terrible fate, was worth it. Before Caleb entered the weapons lab, though, Tris decided to go instead, because she loved him. “She loved me. Enough to hold me at gunpoint so she could die for me. I have no idea why, but that’s just the way it is.” reports a sorrowful Caleb. Tris heroically walked through the death serum and activated the memory serum before being shot by David.

    Being the leader of the Bureau, Davids memory was immediately erased after Tris activated the serum. David was declared innocent because he killed a rebel under duress. “The man we once knew doesn’t exist anymore; he’s as good as dead. He doesn’t remember killing Tris.” says Cara, a friend of Tris.

    Tris’s boyfriend, Tobias Eaton comes back to Bureau in triumph after saving Chicago of war and reuniting with his mother; to find his girlfriend dead. Tobias is grief stricken and is furious with Caleb and himself for not knowing that she would sacrifice herself for her brother. “Of course Tris would go into the weapons lab instead of Caleb. Of course she would.” Tobias states.

    The once-divided cities of Bureau and Chicago unite and start to rebuild their separated nation. The cities try to recover from, not only the death of Tris, but the death of many others in the events leading up to now. Without her, the lives of the people living in Chicago would be lost and the Bureau would have total control of the city.