My New Website

This semester in Multimedia Applications, we are making a website. My website is about different board games! My goal is to have at least 30 different board games for people to learn about. We have been working on our websites for a very long time now and I am getting close to finishing! I still need to finish up some posts and change my home page and then it will be ready for the public to see!

Below is a screenshot of one of my posts. This game is called Busy Town and it is under the children’s and cooperative category. All of the posts in my website are categorized by what type of game they are. Go check out my website using this link:

I’m not done yet so I will post another link when I am done!


Coil Pot-Ceramics 1

This is my coil pot that I made in Ceramics 1. I chose to design my coil pot like this because out of all of the ideas from the internet, there were no square coil pots; so I decided to take up the challenge and create one. It was definitely difficult to make; I had trouble bending the coils the right way to go around the corner of the square base. I chose to post about this project because this is something that I am proud of making and it took a lot of time and effort to make; so I decided to share it with you. Overall, ceramics 1 was a very enjoyable class to take. The thing that I most enjoyed about it was not only the fellowship with the people in my class, but also I was able to do something that I love. Something that I learned about art is that there are beautiful oops’. A lot of times my artwork didn’t turn out exactly as I had wanted it and I would also just mess up. This class taught me that that mess-up can be created into something beautiful. Something that I learned about myself is that I like challenging myself and doing something unique that others aren’t doing.